Childcare for Healthcare Workers During Disasters

In a disaster, many schools and childcare centers close, leaving healthcare workers without safe and secure places for their children.  This has a cascading effect, often forcing those same healthcare workers to take unexpected leave, which in turn leaves healthcare facilities understaffed.

To help ensure the stability of the healthcare system as a whole during times of disaster, in addition to giving confidence to parents that their children will be safe & secure while they perform their critical job functions, the Northern Virginia Hospital Alliance (NVHA) is working to facilitate the review of existing and creation of new "just-in-time" systems of available childcare during emergencies.

To meet these needs, NVHA is actively seeking proposals from qualified individuals or organizations who could analyze current hospital-based childcare services and work with the Virginia Department of Social Services to identify necessary components of a successful childcare center surge plan.


Request for Proposals:

Please download and review the contents of the Request for Proposal (RFP) here.  Project checkpoints will be due beginning in April 2019 with a final deadline for all aspects of the RFP due June 15, 2019.

For more information on the project, RFP, or about NVHA, please contact Mary Laurel Castle via e-mail or at (571) 275-6557.


About the Northern Virginia Hospital Alliance:

NVHA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit operating as the Healthcare Coalition for the Northern Virginia region and is tasked with ensuring preparedness of hospitals and other healthcare disciplines in the event of a disaster and to facilitate a collective response to and recovery from emergencies.  NVHA's membership includes the 17 acute care hospitals operating in the Northern Virginia area, as well as skilled nursing, long-term care, dialysis, hospice, mental health, ambulatory surgery centers, and home health agencies.